KestralArtwork management in the Healthcare sector demands the highest levels of documented control in a complex environment of regulatory compliance. Specialised materials and constantly evolving industry demands require specific solutions.

In response to the challenges of Healthcare artwork management, Pinnaculum have developed Kestrel AMS, an industry tailored solution that delivers unprecedented speed, efficiency and control to two key areas;

Packaging component artwork management remains a major cause of supply chain headaches and regulatory attention, representing a constant risk of rework or product recall if errors make it through to final product delivery.

Additionally, packaging artwork is on the critical path to product launch, where speed to market can deliver significant competitive advantage. Kestrel AMS facilitates efficient ways of working and controlled implementation of the correct componentry.


Sales and Marketing material generation also demands rigor and control to comply with industry Codes of Practice. Kestrel AMS optimises the associated processes and delivers speed, efficiency and control with comparable benefits.

kestral2Kestrel AMS is intuitive, easy to use and has been built to exacting Quality standards. It can be used as a standalone tool or interface with existing ERP and quality control systems.

Kestrel AMS manages the artwork lifecycle from briefing through to printed materials. Full documentation of change history is constantly at your fingertips with instant access to change information, planning, scheduling and workflow tools.


Kestrel AMS delivers a tangible return on investment by providing speed, efficiency and control to your artwork management processes.

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