Rectennas - an alternative to QR and 2D codes for pharma serialisation?

Published on 13 August 2012

The BBC news website reported 13 August in its Technology section that Korean researchers have devised  a cheap way of transmitting data from objects to mobile phones when swiped. They have printed small "rectennas", a cross between an antenna and an AC/DC current converter, onto plastic foils using electronic inks.The rectenna uses radio waves emitted from a smartphone to transmit data to it from a tiny chip.

The printed rectennas cost less than one penny per unit to produce and could be used as an alternative to QR codes.

This new approach brings another technology to the track and trace arena. Until now, QR or 2D codes looked a likely front runner to provide the best route for the transference of pack specific data after RFID had fallen away as too expensive an option. Printed 'rectennas' bring another alternative solution to this constantly evolving area.

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