New ABPI code of practice changes signal evolving healthcare relationship

Published on 02 March 2011

The Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry (ABPI) has announced changes to its code of practice which are viewed as a strong signal of the positive and evolving working relationship between the pharmaceutical industry and healthcare professionals.

The changes to the Code mean the industry will:

  • No longer provide branded promotional aids, such as pens, pads and mugs to healthcare professionals (effective from 1 May 2011)

  • Be required to collect and declare information about the total payment to healthcare professionals and others for services such as speaker fees and participation in advisory boards, as well as declaring the number of consultants employed. Similarly companies will have to declare sponsorship for attendance at meetings organised by third parties. The first annual declaration of payments to be made in 2013 for payments in 2012.

The ABPI’s Director of Trust and Reputation Andrew Powrie-Smith said:

“These changes to the Code in themselves are not the sole answer to a new relationship between industry and the medical community, they are strong indicators of an industry willing to work in new ways, to embrace greater transparency and for the science behind our medicines as well as the medicine’s place in the patient pathway to be the focus of our interactions with clinicians.”

The full press release from the ABPI can be viewed here.

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